• WAAW Foundation

    Promoting Science, Technology, Engineering
    and Math (STEM) Engagement for African girls.

  • Developing Change Leaders

    Investing in science and technology education
    of an African girl has a multiplier effect.

    African girls who are educated in STEM will
    lead technology change in their communities.

  • Our Initiatives

    STEM Camps

    College-to-Secondary Mentoring

    Academic Scholarships

    STEM Teacher Support

    Leadership & Entrepreneurship Support

  • African Girls Can Innovate

    WAAW is an international organization dedicated to technology innovation by African girls through STEM engagement.

    Africans will solve the problems in their communities
    employing technology with locally available resources.

  • Empowering African Girls

    More than aid African girls need
    world class training in STEM fields.

    WAAW Foundation supports the entrepreneurial
    role of African girls in technology.

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Our Mission: To increase the pipeline of African women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) disciplines and to ensure this talent is engaged in African innovation.

Our Vision: To eradicate poverty in African through female education and science and technology innovation.

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